Because We Crave Randomity.

In line with my graduation (from secondary school life), I have decided to start afresh.
(no, i haven’t done any heinous crimes.)

So here will be my newest blog address:

See you there!

P.S. This blog will disappear from the face of this planet in approximately… 2 weeks.


I will be shifting to a new site shortly after I have straightened it out.

Keep a watch out for it!

In other words, this blog will be dead.

I must admit that I am dying to share this video with the world.

No, it is not about me.

However, it was a really amusing congratulatory hug between Stephen Colbert, Jon Stewart and Steve Carell — the greatest comedians alive.

For those who are absolutely confused as to what is going on, simply put, Steve did not win anything, and everything that was said and done was purely for entertainment sake.

Probably the most memorable moment at the Emmys.


It is a humid and bordering on stifling night today.
In approximately 5 minutes, Wednesday will be rolling around and the US election day will be in full throttle.

Oh, the night is truly mysterious.

Moments ago, I had nearly jumped out of my skin after hearing classic oriental music (you know, those haunting kinds) being echoed from an apartment (I could not figure out which).
Thus, on the topic of melancholic (possibly creepy) Chinese tunes, they truly transport you to an era where black and white televisions and rickshaws rule.

It is definitely a sense of nostalgia you simply are not able to shake off.

Tonight, I have decided to take my mind off studies.
We do not have all the time to live in reality, so, why not make the best of it?

Maybe I can even reflect on how crazy it is that Lewis Hamilton could have coincidentally fallen to the fifth position.
Pffft. The scandals.

You have gotta love tomorrow!
Go Obama!

The holidays are rockin’ and rollin’ as I speak. So, when boredom strikes, what is there to fill those hollowness?

Well, have no fear. From couch potatoes to active feet, I have a few boredom-busters for you! Read on.

  1. Simply, read! Reading takes hours, and that can help burn an entire day off. Just borrow/buy/steal a gripping novel, or any material that interests you and begin flippin’!
  2. Go back to basics and work on puzzles such as word search and fill-it-ins. Want numbers? Polish your Sudoku. Highly addictive. You have been warned.
  3. Pick up a television series. This is the perfect time as the US has premiered aplenty brand new/sequels of television series. Try long running series. It helps in killing time.

    (Remember, some series last as long as 20 odd episodes in one season! Note: One hour each eppy.)

    Tip: Watch them online. It’s free. Try TV Shack. Or, other video hosting sites such as MegaVideo. Do google for more choices.

  4. Not a telly junkie? Fret not. Movie marathons works as well.

    Tip: If you intend to watch them online, catch earlier releases. They have been uploaded from DVDs, so they tend to have clearer qualities.

  5. If you have an interest for music, why not play your music playlists (preferably one that contains 4503755 songs) in shuffle mode, and without peeping at it, guess the song title! (For a challenge, guess the artist too.)

    You might want to play it with one or two other buddies.

  6. Go gaga over a celebrity. Reading about them would take days. (Select one with a long history. Hint: Madonna.) Try it!
  7. Volunteer! The possibilities are endless with this one. For one, the National Library hosts plenty of duties during this period. Simply sign up online, and you will be kept on your toes till school begins in the following year.
  8. Out with the old, in the with the new: Rearrange furniture in your very own room (or mess up someone else’s) or unearth 14th century clothing in your wardrobe and pass them on.

    Now that’s, decluttering with a cause.

  9. Cook! Sieve out recipes on the world wide web. Not only can you discover novel meal ideas, but new takes on existing meals.

    This requires some basic knowledge in kitchen safety. Disclaimer: I will not be liable for any injuries or major/minor accidents that is evolved from this suggestion.

  10. If you are very much bounded to your desktop, games might be the solution for you. Time travel caution: Online games may range from the DOS-days to before-fantastic-graphics-was-invented period.

    Not for picky gamers.

  11. For female readers, you might to try reading up on home remedies. These DIY treatments for your body saves you money (forgo those which require expensive ingredients like avocado), and snips off time.

    Tip: Work on what you have in the pantry, so you won’t have to spend on anything extra.

  12. Blog. Just remember to keep it neutral, and refrain from making discriminating remarks. Also, keep personal information about yourself, to yourself.

    Beware: Although you might think that your blog does not receive much attention, it will always be in public eye. That means, anything you post is read. Even if it is only one reader.

  13. Have your friends to each contribute a board game, and spend a whole day playing them! Computer games might be the rage now, but board games promote social bonding.

    It is a great way to spend time together with pals as well as a fantastic ice breaker for new friends who have joined your circle of friends.

As you would have realised, none of these activities require a cent from your bank.

Who said time is money?

Happy holidays!

[Random 60]

© DarkestStar_Surveys [Do Not Remove Please].

[01]. What is the closest photograph to you?:
A memorial done photograph of my deceased hamster.

[02]. Where was it taken, and who is in it?:
In the living room, with my (live) hamster and I.

[03]. Do you think photographs are important?:
Yes, but one should be ever so careful… (COUGHS) Vanessa Hudgens (COUGHS)

[04]. How many do you think you have stored on your computer?:
I have an almost empty storage device right now. This desktop is pretty new.

[05]. What kind of desk is your computer sitting on?:
A flimsy budget-y one. To add, it is scratched and feeling awfully frustrated from all the weight it has to withstand.

[06]. Do you ever download music?:
YES! (Smirks, Dean Winchester style)

[07]. If so, what was the last album you downloaded?:
Probably Jennifer Hudson. Pretty album.

[08]. Do you remember who your favourite band was when you were 10?:
I’m guessing… Blue. Sappy and instantly likable.

[09]. Do you like strawberries?:
With whipped cream, yes. (No sexual references intended)

[10]. Are you comfortable looking in full length mirrors?:
Not when there is creepy music booming in the background. Otherwise, I can deal.

[11]. What is the first thing that comes to mind when I say England?:

[12]. Do you need a hair cut?:
Maybe. It is hard to tell, really.

[13]. Do you have a deviant art account?:
No, but I do visit the site regularly. (Grins)

[14]. Do you have a lot of furniture in your bedroom?:
Now, that would be silly. I can barely hop around in my room without slamming my nose into a wardrobe handle or something.

[15]. What TV show do you think is massively overrated?:
Let’s see… CSI. Sorry, but the forensics-related TV series seriously needs to take a backseat. Go Criminal Minds!

[16]. On myspace, do you accept anyone who sends you a friend request?:
Visiting Myspace would be like logging into my instant messenger account. Close to: never.

[17]. Are you scared of childbirth?:
No, I am worried for what comes AFTER childbirth. Now, that is something to fear.

[18]. Do you still talk to the person who has hurt you the most?:
Honestly, not exactly.

[19]. Has anyone ever accused you of something serious that you didn’t do?:
Nothing that I can think of at the moment.

[20]. Are you obsessed with body image?:
No. My obsession lies elsewhere. (Cheekily grins)

[21]. What do you think of Amy Winehouse?:
Emaciated. Drugged. Silly. Desperately needs to be single, singing and swinging.

[22]. Would you ever get dreadlocks or hairfalls?:
None. Google them and you will see why.

[23]. Do the people you live with really know who you are as a person?:
Absolutely. Shocking.

[24]. What make is your mobile phone?:
Is make some japanese word I am unfamiliar with, or is make a technology lingo? Either ways, I am going to continue to type nonsense and leave this question completely unanswered.

[25]. Have you ever been to France?:
Simply, no. Wish to, but that is far from fulfillment.

[26]. Are there any cobwebs in your room?:
Not that I wish to know.

[27]. Are you wearing slippers?:
Completely barefooted. No to slippers!

[28]. If you were a faerie, what colour wings would you have?:
The ugliest colour around, because me becoming a faerie is never happening.

[29]. What was the last band you discovered?:
The Script. They have some seriously sexy indie numbers. 😀

[30]. Do you find a lot of new bands on myspace?:
No. I am not crazy about band-hunting.

[31]. What is your favourite chocolate bar?:
I am not a proud sweet tooth.

[32]. Do you count calories?:
Who’s counting?

[33]. Have you ever written a love story or poem?:
Too sappy. If I did, I would have gladly forgotten about it.

[34]. Who was the last person to give you flowers?:
No one did. (I was not crying while typing that reply down.)

[35]. Are you good at applying make up?:
Lousy. My pet Chinchilla is better at it.

[36]. How often do you take photos of yourself?:
Rarely. It is the flashes. Terribly blinding, are they not?

[37]. What was the last song you REALLY sang to?:
Spotlight by Jennifer Hudson. Mouthing, was more like it.

[38]. Do you think you would have what it takes to be a front woman of a band?:
I have THE most unflattering voice around. Now tell me, am I cut out to be a front woman?

[39]. What was the last historical figure you studied or researched?:
Karl Marx. Animal Farm.

[40]. What was the last piece of fruit you ate?:
Not that I recall quite clearly. I think it was a piece of watermelon.

[41]. Are you a good swimmer?:
In the kiddy pool? Yeah. 😀

[42]. What was the last video you watched on youtube?:
The bloopers for Supernatural, season two. Hilarious.

[43]. Do you have a youtube account?:

[44]. Do you have a vampirefreaks account?:
Is that a union for vampires (who are freaks)? If yes, I am an ordinary being. Absolutely, ordinary.

[45]. What makes you envious?:
That there are 2000 over channels to surf in America. Game on!

[46]. Do you think cocker spaniels are cute?:
Yes! Potential ear infection? Uncute.

[47]. What is your favourite dog breed?:
A Golden Retriever. Blond ambition.

[48]. Do you prefer the word garden or yard?:
Yard. It sounds better with sale. Think: Garden Sale. Weird, right?

[49]. Do you think the majority of surveys are too americanized?:
How so? You mean the myspace questions, right?

[50]. Would you happily make a fool of yourself in public?:
No. However, if you see anyone who is willing to make a fool of themselves in public, call me!

[51]. Who was your last relative to pass away?:
My late maternal grandfather.

[52]. Are you ambitious?:
A little, as my ambitions always wear thin in time.

[53]. Do people often call you lazy?:
I would probably proclaim, to myself, that I am lazy. Absolute television addict. That is me!

[54]. Do you have the confidence to go out and do whatever you want?:
No. My consequential state of mind forbids me to.

[55]. What is the furthest you have ever travelled alone?:
South Korea. Greatest thing I have ever done.

[56]. Have you ever headbanged?:
Yes. It makes me nauseous. Not to mention giddy.

[57]. Look in the nearest mirror. What do you look like today?:
Thankfully, there is no mirror around in this room. I do feel tired though.

[58]. Do you ever take walks with no destination in mind?:
Most of the time, no. That will be tantamount to getting lost, right?

[59]. What is your favourite type of tree?:
Teatree. It heals wounds and clears blemishes fast.
(I kid.)

[60]. Does it look like it’s going to rain?:

© DarkestStar_Surveys [Do Not Remove Please].

Womanizer (Director’s Cut) by Britney Spears

You have got to admit one thing.
This song sounds generic ever since Britney’s comeback of Blackout.

First of all, the beginning was the likes of Gimme More.
Secondly, the obvious I-can-live-without-KFed surfaces barely two seconds into the video.
Lastly, the “ah-ah” segments of the tune are far too repetitive.

Britney is simply trying too hard to get her groove back.
For one, the naked Britney scene in the sauna was uncalled for.

What she really needs is Justin Timberlake’s help.

P.S. This music video is reminiscent of Toxic, much?

That’s what she said.


Extremely nonsensical.

Have fun.

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